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Compass Church offers workshops throughout the year in two different areas. The first is our TrueNorth Growth track. In this series, people begin by going through four tracks--Starting Point, Partnership, Discovery & Mission.  The second is CompassU where people will study aspects of the Christian faith that that can be both theological and practical for every follower of Jesus. CompassU looks at things like Bible translations, Prophecy,  and Parenting



                                 STEP 1 - STARTING POINT.                                                    Join us Oct 9th, 11:30AM (After Service)

Starting Point is a great way to get a brief overview of Compass' vision and ministries, get to know the heart of our pastors, and meet other people fairly new to Compass. It runs about 30 minutes after each service quarterly throughout the year. No registration is needed and childcare is provided. Starting point covers three specifics points; 1) Introduction - Why Compass exists. What is our mission? 2) Spiritual Growth Process - Explanation of TrueNorth and Core Group. 3) Spectrum of Ministries - Meet the staff of Compass and learn how to get involved.


Partnership looks at what the Bible says about being part of a church family. We talk specifically about ways people can become a partner at Compass Church and help the Good News of Jesus Christ spread through the community. This workshop covers: 1)What we teach, 2)Shared responsibilities, 3) Stewardship, 4) Governing structure at Compass Church, 5) Strategy of ministry, 6) Your opportunity to join into the partnership covenant Paul describes in Philippians.


Date: TBA

Discovery teaches about the key spiritual growth essentials and the effective ways to incorporate them into your daily life. This workshop also covers the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the distribution of spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12). Participants will also have the opportunity to take a spiritual gift test, discovery more about the spiritual gifts God has given them and see where they can put those gifts to use.


Date: TBA

Mission educates and equips participants in the areas of sharing their faith and serving in ministry.


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"Old Testament Survey"

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