Beautiful Feet Ministries

Whether it's the school down the block or a family across the world, we strive to be beautiful feet.

Isaiah 52:7 & Romans 10:15 "Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." 

  • Student Mission Portland - Spring Break! 

    Our middle school and high school students (6th - 12th grade) will be serving at Union Gospel Mission during part of their Spring Break. March 28-31st. We will be having fun serving as Beautiful Feet at the Union Gospel Mission in Portland.  $175 for the whole trip! Get a free HOODIE when you sign up before March! I will posting registration information soon here! Their friends are welcome to attend. We will be staying at the First Baptist Church of Beaverton. We are FULL for the trip! Thank you! 

  • Mexico Mission Trip

    August 18-25, 2018 we will be working with a ministry called "YUGO" ministries which stands for "Youth Unlimited Gospel Outreach". They are the longest serving mission Mexico based in Ensenada, Mexico. We hope to accomplish two things with YUGO while we are in Mexico; put on an Adventure Days in a village in Ensenada, Mexico and build a small home for a homeless family. Please click HERE to put down your deposit for the trip! 

  • Global Impact

    Our Global Impact Ministry supports a hospital, a school, and four orphanages in central India, Africa and Asia, and other ministries around the world. We send out long-term missionaries and short-term mission teams on an annual basis to deliver God's good news and help people with their physical and spiritual needs.  CONTACT US TO JOIN A MISSION TEAM

  • Community Impact

    Our Community Impact Ministry loves to serve in places where churches don't normally go. Whether it's our partnership with the Boys & Girls Club, working in the public schools, or running the kids program at the local BeerFest, we love to show up and serve those who might be surprised that a church is helping out... and might have their perspective of Jesus followers changed forever.  CONTACT US TO PARTICIPATE IN A SERVICE PROJECT

  • Family Impact

    Our Family Impact Ministry loves on people within our church family. Whether it's providing meals, helping with automotive or household repairs, running errands when someone's in the hospital, praying for specific needs, or celebrating a special event, we can't wait for the next opportunity to serve our family!  CONTACT US AND TELL US HOW YOU CAN HELP


Compass has an outstanding internship and leadership development program for individuals 18-24 years old who are interested in gaining practical ministry experience and focused theological training.  The goal of our program is to place interns in a variety of ministry settings, enhance their skills and broaden their future opportunities.  We're interested in self-starting individuals who take initiative and aren't afraid to try things outside their comfort zone.

Internships are available for youth & kids ministry, music ministry and tech ministry.  Interns receive free room & board for a 40-hour work week.  CONTACT US TO APPLY