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9am & 11am

We would also like to invite people to join us virtually this week as we livestream our 9am service on Facebook Live. The sermon will also be available shortly after the service on our YouTube Channel as well

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Current Series

Created for Significance  

Series Starting February 21st

Most people want to believe that their life has meaning and purpose; they want to believe that somehow the sum total of their days on earth will add up to a lasting legacy, a force for change, or some other meaningful impact that will leave an imprint on at least a small corner of humanity. 

The problem is, sin has riddled our natural ambitions with pride, and that pride corrupts even our very best intentions. As a result, we often end up looking down upon others in order to prop up an inflated image of ourselves. Instead of seeing the opportunities to serve the needs of those around us, we clutch after opportunities to seize the promotion of self. As difficult as this truth is for each of us to hear, it is the message many of us need, and it is the message that God wants to use to bring us to a place of greater humility where true and lasting significance can be found. 

As contrary as it may sound to our fallen heart, fulfillment is not found in a life centered on achieving our own whims, comforts, and desires. The significance we long for is only found in a life of faith-fueled surrender and devotion to the Almighty God. 

Through this powerful five-week series, your community will be invited to journey from a life centered on themselves, to the life God created each of us to live, a life of eternal meaning and inalienable significance. By exploring the broken religion of the Pharisees contrasted against the selfless example of Christ, we are brought to the precipice of a new way to order our lives. By examining the historical narratives and parables of Luke chapters 14-16, your community will be given a glimpse into what it means to join the mission of God in reaching the world with the Gospel. Nothing on earth is more significant than this. 



We have two services every Sunday--9am & 11am. 

We also stream our 9am service on Facebook Live. 



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Sundays - 9am, 11am

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We look to God and His word for direction in our life.  That's our Compass.  It's a simple and singular focus that joins our hearts and minds together.  We don't follow cultural norms, church trends, denominational rules or media pressures.  We just open up the Bible, some for the 10,000th time (it never gets old), many for the first time (which is exciting), and we see a message of love and forgiveness that is personified in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Join us!  The view is spectacular!



It's amazing how the truth of God's word penetrates every area of your life, regardless of your age.  So, we listen.  We listen to how God created and designed this world to function.  We listen to God's perfect plan for relationships.  We listen to how God cares about your future, not your past.  And what we hear is life-changing. 



We know that our faith isn't about how much we know, but how well we love... and we LOVE to serve others!  Whether it's locally, serving families in our church or organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, Shepherd's House or the Pregnancy Resource Center; or globally serving families and kids in Mexico, India, Africa, Honduras and Hungary, we strive to be "beautiful feet" (Isaiah 52:7) to those around us.



We take God very seriously, but don't take ourselves or our opinions too seriously.  The Bible tells us that "joy is our strength" and we want to be strong.  If you feel beat down by life, maybe a little weary, we understand that crying is sometimes a good place to start, but it's not where God wants you to end.  You won't find a bunch of frowns or wagging-fingers at Compass, just people who are thrilled to welcome you and put a smile on your face.



We don't just meet for Sunday services, we do life together.  We know that everybody needs a place to belong, a place to feel loved and valued, a place to build lasting friendships.  We're thankful that Compass has become that place for so many.